Warbling started in June 2017 as an instagram account featuring a curated selection of artworks which fit within a quieter aesthetic. The collective element came into being a year later when we released a vague Open Call from which we attracted the attention of some like minded artists. We began acting as an ever interchangeable and expanding group, not tied by geography or level but by those who share a common subtle style or similarly gentle qualities within their work.

Warbling is a London-based curatorial project run by artists @robyn.graham, @v.anessacabanas & @onur.safak


previously exhibited artists

Karolina Albricht

Fabio Almeida

Roy Aurinko

Paula Baader

Tristan Barlow

Kim Bartelt

Cybèle Beaudoin Pilon

Louise Boulter

David Iain Brown

Sara Burwash

Lawrence Calver

Cecilia Charlton

Étienne Chartrand

Stephen Deffet

Sonny Deighton

Alex Diamond

Matthias Esch

Gabrielle Estrin

Anna Freeman Bentley

Timothy Gatenby

Gabriela Giroletti

Ollie Godwin

Caroline Halliday

Anthony Hensman

Jamie Liam Humphrey

Sadhvi Jawa

Caroline Jones

Jordy Kerwick

Minami Kobayashi

Domenica Landin

Jonathan Lawes

Leila Lawrance

Nick Maroussas

Rachael McCully Kerwick

Elyse-Krista Mische

Marcel Mueller

J. A. Nicholls

Ryan Orme

Sarah Osborne

Marco Piemonte

Sarah Poots

Tommy Ramsay

Michal Raz

Saskia Rodríguez Arana

Pablo Rodríguez

Olivia Rowland

Wendy Saunders

Marianne Shorten

Maya Strauss

Sarah Tew

Daniela Theiler

Matthew Thomas

Rhys Thomas

Will Thomson

Carole Villain

Anna Wehrwein

Emma White

Thomas Witherick