Open Call

Deadline for entry: 19th of July 2019



Warbling invites international submissions of contemporary art for a curated group pop-up exhibition to be held in East Dulwich, London from the 22nd of August to the 2nd of September 2019.

The exhibition will be titled ‘Of course, I haven’t forgotten!’, it’s completely up to each artist submitting to come to their own conclusions on how the title might relate or sit nicely alongside their practice. It’s interesting to read different ideas and interpretations of our titles in the submissions form, however it is not obligatory to do so and often if a work stands out, it can be related in some way to the other works being considered within the exhibition as a whole.

A year after the first exhibition, Warbling will be returning to East Dulwich, this time however to a new space. 155a Artist Space is a versatile ex artist studio which holds regular local art fairs and workshops for the East Dulwich community. The gallery has many homelike features over two floors which will lend itself well to a relaxed and intimate group show.

Selected work will also be promoted online via the @warblingcollective Instagram account and website in addition to being showcased within Warbling’s carefully curated exhibition.



Warbling is a London-based curatorial project which started in June 2017 as an instagram account curated by Robyn Graham featuring a selection of artworks which fit within a quieter aesthetic. With the help of fellow artists Vanessa Mosquera Cabanas and Onur Safak, Warbling formed an ever interchangeable and expanding group which is not tied by geography or level but by those who share a common subtle style or similarly gentle qualities within their work.

We're London-based artists who are seeking to bring together, curate and exhibit like-minded and light-hearted creatives, creating a community of people who maybe might just by chance be following each others instagrams already.

At the moment Warbling is entirely self funded, thus we require a submission fee of £20 to submit up to 5 artworks, all proceeds are directly used for Warbling organising costs for this and future projects in order promote and bring artists, their artworks, and ideas together.

Everyone who makes a submission regardless of whether their work is selected for this particular show, will receive an invitation to the private view and be greeted warmly with a cold beer.

Submission fee is £20 (non-refundable)

Entry deadline is 19th of July 2019

If you wish to be considered for this exhibition, please complete the submission form followed by making the submission fee payment via paypal through the following links.

Feel free to contact me at, should you have any problems or wish to discuss something further.

submitting artwork

Please complete the submission form and pay submission fee via the PayPal donate button below.

Your submission will not be considered until both have been completed. (Please note: If you have trouble with the submission payment, get in touch with us, and we’ll get it sorted!)
Send any questions or concerns you may have via email to If you encounter any issues with this form or any other part of the submission process, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

All artists are eligible to submit work for consideration. Work submitted must be new within the last 2 years. There is no limitation on size, medium or your location. If selected, you may be asked for additional images/information for further promotional purposes.

Specifications & Requirements:

•    Artists may submit up to 5 distinct pieces of work for consideration.

•    Images must be uploaded directly to the form.

•    It is recommended that art is for sale. Warbling will handle all sales and related communication.

•    Warbling retains 30% commission total on any sales. Please factor in this amount when determining your prices.

•    The cost of delivering artwork to the exhibition space is the responsibility of the artist, along with any insurance. Please take this into consideration when submitting works that may cost more to transport.

•    In the case that an artwork does not sell, a return collection/courier is the responsibility of the artist. The artist is not responsible for shipping if the artwork sells during the exhibition.

•    Substitutions are not guaranteed. Please be aware that if an accepted work sells, becomes otherwise unavailable, or turns out to be too expensive to ship, there is no guarantee that another work will be substituted.


Important Dates:

•    Entry Deadline:  19th of July 2019

•    If your work is selected, you will receive further information about delivering/collecting deadlines and address at that time.

•    All selected works need to be available for display from the 22nd of August to the 2nd of September 2019. 

•    In person deliveries will be made on the 21st of August, international artists will send their works to an alternative address (provided once selected) prior to this date. In person collections should be made on the 3rd of September, international artists will be encouraged to organise couriers / alternative arrangements after this date.

Liability & Photography

Although artwork will be handled with care, Warbling cannot be responsible for loss or damage to artworks, and artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance when the work is shipped.
Warbling reserves the right to photograph artwork during the event and use images of the artwork for publicity and educational purposes in perpetuity. By submitting artwork via this call, the artist is agreeing to the terms outlined above.


Submission fee is £20 (non-refundable) per artist, regardless of the number or type of works submitted, limit 5. Online entry only (paypal/bank transfer).

Image standards:


•    Images must show the exact work you are submitting.

•    Images should be a maximum of 2MB each.

You will be notified either way if your work has been accepted or not within two weeks of the submission deadline. If your work is accepted, you will receive further information.
Your submission will not be considered complete until both form and payment are received.